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CODA offers a huge amount of variety in a single evening’s entertainment from roaming solo sax on arrivals and ambient Buddha-Bar style cello over dinner to the full CODA band at the end of an evening. This format has rendered CODA hugely popular at product launches, fashion shows, corporate events and big concerts. With their diversity, energy and charisma, CODA guarantees a glamorous performance that will leave a lasting impression with guests.


Enjoy a jaw-dropping performance complete with electrifying strings, cool jazz sax, and a sensational lead vocalist. This set features CODA’s radio hits such as It’s Still The Music and other party-igniting songs.


Coda offers a luscious background set of original and well-known ballads interspersed with instrumental numbers showcasing the strings and sax.


For a stunning preamble to the CODA show Judy Brown wanders through the audience performing Jazz standards and well-known contemporary repertoire interspersed with original loungey songs off her new album ‘Liquid Sax’. Perfect for a cocktail set! Judy can be booked seperately or with CODA.
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SA’s leading electric cellist, Carol Thorns, provides a mesmerizing crossover set in the style of Buddah Bar and Café Del Mar, perfect for setting a stylish tone during dinner. The music is based on her South African Music Award nominated album, Fireflies In The Rain which she has performed in the UK (Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2010), India and Dubai.
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